V311B 12V Battery Test Battery Detector Car Battery Charger Tester Analyzer Car Charging Cricut Load Tester Analyzer Tools

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V311B 12V Battery Test Battery Detector Car Battery Charger Tester Analyzer Car Charging Cricut Load Tester Analyzer Tools

No idea about the battery status of your car? Bariicare V311B battery tester gives you a comprehensive analysis, accurately analyzes the battery's operating status by detecting battery voltage, internal resistance and health status. Can run battery test, start test and charging test.

Main features of the product:

1. Suitable for 12V CCA100-2000 lead-acid batteries. 2. Test standards: CCA, JIS, SAE, GB, MCA, CA and DIN. 3. Battery test results: voltage, CCA rating, CCA measurement value, internal resistance value, life (SOH), remaining power and battery performance, etc. 4. Only 3 seconds to get accurate test results. 5. 2.8-inch color screen display 6. Reverse connection protection design 7. Support 9 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian. 8. Printing function 9. Suitable for car factories, garages, car repair shops, car battery manufacturers and car owners, etc.


Can it work in your car? The battery tester can work on 12V100-2000CCA lead-acid batteries, including ordinary batteries, AGM flat panels, AGM spirals, GEL and EFB batteries, and is compatible with cars, ships, motorcycles, trucks, yachts, etc.


Want to drive to travel by yourself, but worry about battery life? V311B can test it for you. According to CCA, SAE, CA, MCA, JIS, GB, DIN rated standards, Using advanced testing technology, only 3 seconds can provide you with accurate results,, allowing you to travel without worry.


The unique 2.8-inch color screen can directly display the battery test results; reverse connection protection design, red positive and black negative, no safety hazards; printing function, convenient and fast; and supports 9 languages, which can be switched at any time.

Support Battery Standards

You can test the battery based on CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, and SAE standards.


It has a reverse connection protection design, no light, no heat or no discharge to protect all users, vehicles, batteries and equipment themselves and ensure safety.Please note: red positive black negative, that is, connect the red clip to the positive (+) and the black clip to the negative (-).

Multiple Languages

Support 9 languages.English ,Chinese,Portuguese ,French ,German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Italian.

Print function

Connect the product type-C interface with the computer, the computer will automatically install the driver.Enter the printing interface, select the picture, press the OK button to enter the printing.Select the picture information on the computer to complete the printing.Note: the printing function must be under the condition that the product has saved the screen capture picture.

Car start/charge test

Automobile starting system detection: mainly to detect and analyze the automobile starting motor, detect the actual starting current and starting voltage of the starting motor, and output the battery charging status according to the test result.

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