Lightsaber RGB 16 Colors Metal Detachable Sword Personalized Ultra Saber Children's Luminous LED Light Toy Cosplay Gifts

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Material:Metal(handle)、 pc(blade) Total Length:37.79inch/96cm Handle Length:9.84inch/25cm Blade Length:27.95inch/71cm Sound: kinds of sounds RGB Blade Color:16 Colors Monochrome Blade Color:Red、Blue、Green、Purple、White、Ice Blue、Yellow Handle Color:Black Battery:lithium battery Battery Capacity:1000Ah Highlight:5W/9W Charger:5V1A


1.The lightsaber is equipped with USB charging cable, it can be connected to a computer USB port for charging, or connected to a charger that outputs 5V1A!!!! The charging head cannot exceed 5V2A, otherwise it will burn the lightsaber circuit board!! It is forbidden to charge with a larger parameter! After receiving it, please read the instructions carefully before playing! pqbd Skywalker store 2.There are electronic components in the lightsaber handle. This electronic component is a ball, so there may be a slight sound when shaking, please don’t worry, this is normal. 3.This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight. 4.The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated. 5.The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed. 6.This product is a lightsaber prop toy electronic product, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, not waterproof, not in contact with water! 7.The lightsaber lacks electricity and needs to be fully charged in time. For long-term collections, it is recommended to charge the lightsaber every 3 months.



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