XIAOMI Lint Remover Clothes fuzz pellet trimmer machine portable Charge Fabric Shaver Removes for clothes Spools removal

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                 Detailed parameters

0.35mm micro-arc protective clothing net, The 5-blade whirlwind floating cutter head, 90 minutes long endurance
0.35mm micro-arc knife net: Avoid pressing the knife net to deform and cause damage to clothes
The 5-blade whirlwind floating cutter head: increase shear efficiency and remove fluff efficiently
Negative pressure centrifugal fan blade: new design, stable and reliable suction
Anti-backflow air duct design: avoid fluffing back and soiling clothes
Double safety protection device: remove the cutter head cover or fluff bin, it will automatically cut off the power
90 minutes long endurance: two hours of fast charging
Easily cope with various fabrics
Organize old clothes and maintain new ones. Makes you decent more elegant
* Down jacket, lace material or clothes with uneven surface (rivets, plastic decorative pieces, etc.).
This product is not recommended.Tookfun
Lightweight and simple, no fluff remaining
0.35mm thick micro-arc steel mesh, new and optimized mesh design, avoid pressing deformation, fit without hurting clothing.
The 5-blade whirlwind floating cutter head accurately grinds to improve the cutting effect and exert high-efficiency cutting efficiency.
Strong suction
The newly designed negative pressure centrifugal fan blade allows the hair ball to be easily inhaled.
P-shaped anti-backflow air duct design prevents backflow of hair balls and debris.Tookfun
Don't worry about battery
Use 1300mAh lithium battery design, fast charging in 2 hours, 90 minutes long endurance. Equipped with USB charging interface,
compatible with mainstream adapters, power banks and computers on the market for charging.
Double protection, more secure
Remove the cutter head cover or open the fluff bin, the machine will immediately power off and stop working to avoid accidents.
detail design
Hidden indicator light: The power indicator light uses a concealed design, which reminds the machine work and power status, simple and beautiful.
The design of the window of the fluff bin: It is easy to check whether the fluff in the bin needs to be cleaned and reduce the repeated opening check.
Cleaning brush: The cleaning brush has a long handle design, which makes it easier to clean the narrow position of the cutter head and fluff bin.

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