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Ningbo Laysun Import And Export Co.,Ltd, Copyright@2018.

Since 2007, We are a leading globe developer manufacturer and supplier of led lights.We are the profession led lighting vendor in china.We specialize in designing and manufacture high quality products for our customers,We also seach the newest and best price goods in china for our customers. 

LaySun designed for smart life.Have strong design team for customer.

We are dedicate to building our company into industry benchmark for corporate integrity & performance and to be the preferred supplier of innovative led lights for both professional and consumer use.Our culture of innovation,firm commitment to R&D and extensive customer insight ensure our leading brands and high-quality products meet the specific needs of the consumers and professionals that we serve. 

Quality is laysun's life,We 100% check before the shipment.

We believe the quality of a product goes hand in hand with innovation.Everything can always be improved.We seek these improvements at every step of a products development,starting with design,tooling,production,packaging and final delivery to our customers.Our state of the art quality control lab is one of the best equipped labs in china with some of the latest machinery available.Our QC engineers follow our products from design,raw material purchases,production and finally delivery.Our quality system consists of many checks and balances that ensure,We consistently deliver the same high quality product every time. 

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