The benefits of high-intensity interval training

03/03/2021 Admin

1. Burn fat and lose weight

The biggest benefit of high intensity interval training is that it has a super fat burning and slimming effect.High-intensity, intermittent, high-intensity training burns more calories than traditional cardio exercise, and the post-workout hyperoxygenation helps the body keep burning calories and fat over a long period of time.Therefore, it can effectively help people to reduce fat and slim down.

2. Save time

High-intensity intervals come in different intensities and have different results, but an hour of jogging can burn as many calories as 20 minutes of high-intensity interval training.Compared to traditional cardio training, high-intensity interval performance helps save a lot of time.

3. Help get past the fat loss plateau

During the fat loss plateau, it is difficult to lose fat with traditional aerobic training methods.This is the time to do high-intensity interval training, a variety of exercise patterns, can help you get past the fat loss plateau.

4. Improve muscular endurance

High intensity interval training can not help you increase muscle size and increase explosive power, but can increase leg muscle density and toughness, make the muscle more tight and elastic, let the muscle line more coordinated and smooth;And increases muscle endurance, allowing muscles to work longer.

5. Enhance heart and lung function

High-intensity interval training is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic, but it is the same as traditional aerobic exercise, can constantly exercise the heart and lung, enhance the heart function, improve lung capacity, so that the heart and lung function is improved.

6. Increase exercise enjoyment

For a long time, a single movement will make people feel tired and depressed.But high-intensity interval training is a form of training that combines different kinds of sports and adjusts the proportion of different exercise intensities in the training, which makes the exercise more fun and easier to stick to.

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