The simplest yoga slimming action

03/03/2021 Admin

1. The locusts

Lie on your stomach with your legs shoulder-width apart and your arms two fists wide apart. Inhale, lift your limbs and body as much as possible off the ground, and keep your hands and feet at the same height for one minute. Remember to breathe evenly during this process.Exhale, bring your limbs back to the ground, relax your body, and repeat a few more times.This yoga move is a great way to reduce excess fat in your back, hips, hips and thighs.

2. The side type

Body upright, standing first, and then the right leg forward big step, and then left foot outward 45 degrees, the upper part of the body to downward as far as possible, make the right thigh and parallel to the ground, then bend the body and put his right hand palm shored up behind his right foot to the ground, and then try to stretch my left arm and the right thigh, still need to be at this time and keep parallel to the ground, not in the process of some humpback oh, otherwise we are not extending the role of the chest.This yoga move will not only work your back and buttocks but also help you lose weight.

3. Waist twist type

Standing first, legs and shoulders are the same as wide open, fingers clasped hands, inhale, palms in the chest, then stretch your arms upward, exhale, started forward, waist bent down, until back, arms are parallel to the ground, breathe in, breathe out, turn the arm to the right level turn 90 degrees, inspiratory, back to the center position, exhale, then in the opposite direction to do the same action, so repeat five times.This yoga reduces weight action can promote the peristalsis of intestines and stomach not only, accelerate the toxin inside body clears up, also can eliminate effectively the proud flesh of side waist.

4. Cobra twist

Prone on the floor or carpet, open the feet and shoulder are the same as wide, elbow flexion, hands on both sides, inspiratory, hands hold to, spinal stretch upwards, exhale, the spine bending backwards, and then to the right rear spine, eyes look left foot heel, then inhale, back to the in situ, and then to the left to do the same action, repeat 5 times.In addition to reducing fat in the lower back and hips, this yoga move will also strengthen the kidneys and help the body flush out toxins.

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