How to reduce the fat of waist abdomen quickly?

02/03/2021 Admin

If I want to lose belly fat, do sit-ups, can I lose belly fat, you must pay attention, this is not necessarily.First of all, let's say a little, there is no local fat reduction, a part of the movement, you do not represent local is bound to lose the fat, fat is systemic, after two months, three months, six months of exercise, thin arms and legs thin, belly also, will also reduce, is a systemic fat reducing, specific what kind of sports do reduce fat effect best?

Remember that exercise has the best effect of reducing fat is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise consumes the most fat per unit of time. What is aerobic exercise?Running, biking, jumping rope, these are called aerobic exercise?Note also not necessarily, just those are sports, that what is aerobic exercise.How to reduce the fat of waist abdomen quickly?

Aerobic exercise must meet four conditions at the same time. The first is that all the major muscle groups are involved. When you do this exercise, your arms, legs and stomach are all involved.The second is a continuous movement, not just for a while and then stop, but all the time.The third is to control the time in more than 20 minutes, 60 minutes below.Finally, there is a requirement for heart rate. Heart rate is controlled within a certain range. If the heart rate is too high, it means that the exercise intensity is too large.

Anaerobic exercise is designed to use up the carbs that your body stores, so if your heart rate is too low, it's not in this range, it's probably too low intensity, it's not burning too many calories, what about the range of your heart rate?That's 220 minus the age to get the maximum heart rate.And then you calculate 50 to 85% of your maximum heart rate, which is 50 to 85% of your maximum heart rate, and you subtract your age from 220, and your age is your first year of life, and you can see that the intensity of the exercise is different for different ages.

So you can re-plan your workouts, especially if you include cardio in your workouts. You can also look back and see if you have met the cardio requirements when you have been running, riding a bike or jumping rope.With diet, doing some reasonable exercise, especially aerobic exercise, can help you quickly reduce the fat in the waist and abdomen.

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