How do you adjust your breathing while running

01/03/2021 Admin

Start with your pre-run warm-up, warm up your breathing and work your diaphragm during your warm-up.Some people may use chest breathing when breathing, that is, every breath will lift the shoulder chest open, this breathing will make the body become more and more tense, there will be some round shoulder phenomenon or shrug some phenomenon, so it is not recommended to use this way of breathing.

That what kind of breathing, abdominal breathing, abdominal breathing how to breathe, look at the belly button swell up, then went on concave, with abdominal breathing, practice in the process of breathing increases inspiratory capacity, this time also won't feel so tired, when running does not cause for breathing leads to the phenomenon of stitches.How do you adjust your breathing while running?

So it's really important to warm up, warming up time to do the action while practice abdominal breathing, or directly separate practice abdominal breathing first, and then at the time of running, the beginning of the running for a period of time, such as 20 minutes before this time may be a little difficult to enter state natural breath, and then back to 20 minutes, 20 minutes later usually ran behind to a stage, and then may open up the heart rate increases, the body is breathing stretched into deep breathing, nasal suction way, two steps a call or a three-step breathing absorption, this according to everyone, but must be take a deep breath,Breathe in and exhale slowly. Exhalation is usually two to three times as long as the inhalation. Then there's the last part, the stretch, where the breath goes in as well.

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