Training of Cardiorespiratory

27/02/2021 Admin

Good and not very good heart function is very important for people, if the heart function is good, it is very beneficial to the human body, and how to train the heart function, there are a lot of posture, the heart function has what training posture, many people still know what training posture.So, what is the heart function training posture?Let's take a look.

1. Running

Running and brisk walking, usually in the case of running, we should also understand that this training is attributed to one of the good aerobic exercise weight loss, and most of the aerobic exercise weight loss is to exercise for more than half an hour.In fact, if we can continue to run and briskly walk for half an hour, that will be very good for our physical and mental health, not because of the exercise, but because this exercise can reasonably improve people's heart function.In most cases, the body temperature will rise within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the body just starts to sweat and begin to exercise the heart function.

2. Skipping rope

Leapfly is very good for the maintenance of our kneecaps. In addition, it is helpful for us to lose weight and improve heart function. Leapfly also belongs to aerobic exercise to lose weight.General fitness movement speed need not be too fast, if the control of a minute can jump fly frequency in more than 100 can be, in the fitness exercise, we try to maintain the human body continuous fitness exercise, and fitness exercise to adjust the inhalation, as far as possible the application of the nose inhalation, rather than mouth breathing.

3. Climb stairs

Climbing stairs is one of the most convenient activities that can improve your heart function. Try not to be an elevator car at work.More climbing, do not look down on this a small fitness exercise, it can reasonably promote the blood circulation system, so that the preload increase, the oxygen inhaled will be promoted many times than the quiet case, can reasonably improve the heart function.

4. Spinning

It is also a good exercise to stimulate the heart and lungs, and the body will feel more natural and stretch under the rhythm of the music.In practice we can simulate the bicycle uphill, downhill and sprint and so on.Reasonable conversion of these situations can greatly increase the effectiveness of training.

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