Equipment exercises-how many times a week

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Fitness exercise is divided into two methods: bare-handed exercise and instrument exercise. To achieve the purpose of exercising our muscles, we must ensure a certain frequency of training. So how many times a week do you know the equipment exercise is appropriate?

In fact, twice a week is the best frequency. Comparing people who train once, twice and three times a week, we found that people who train twice a week are twice as effective as those who train once, while those who train three times a week and those who train twice a week have no significant change except that the energy consumption of the former is 1.5 times that of the latter. Therefore, the number of times to go, does not mean that the effect is particularly good. Equipment exercise intensity is on the high side, ordinary people are more prone to fatigue, the body needs adequate rest and recovery. Every day, the mind is also prone to fear or even boredom.

What are the common equipment exercises in the gym


1. Gantry pull frame

Muscle exercised: the vast majority


The gantry pull frame is probably the most widely used of all fitness equipment in the gym. Thanks to its high and low pulleys, you can use them to train all kinds of upper, lower and core parts. If the pulley happens to be adjustable to different heights, then you can use the type of exercise it can carry out, and it will increase exponentially.



2. Smith shelf

Muscle exercised: many


This device is easily one of the most common and controversial devices you have in the gym. It has a wide range of applications and seems to allow you to complete endless exercises. Its built-in security mechanism allows you to practice without guardianship. Whether you're doing squats, pushbacks, or any other exercise you can think of, simply turn your wrist to put the barbell down safely in any part of the movement. These two characteristics undoubtedly make it one of the more popular instruments in the gym. The controversy is that because the barbell is suspended by a cable and follows a fixed linear path, it is easy to develop some unnatural movements. Because our bodies are moving on a series of curve tracks, the straight motion through which barbells are forced often causes unnecessary pressure on key joints such as the knee, shoulder, and hip.


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