6 warm-up exercises before fitness

22/02/2021 Admin

We all know that we do some warm-up exercise is very beneficial to people, such as can make people have better fitness effect, but many people do not know what warm-up exercise before fitness, of course, some people know what to do warm-up exercise. So, what are the six warm-up exercises before fitness? Let's learn about it!




1. jogging

This is a good warm-up exercise before any fitness exercise, which can make the body better open and slowly adapt to the next exercise, but don't run too fast at the beginning, and the jogging distance is about 500. This will achieve better results.



2. opening and closing

In fact, in the original stand to do up and down jump, jump arms and legs to open and close, is conducive to tension, arms, back and legs and feet have a lot of benefits, need to do about ten minutes.



3. hip kick

Put your hands behind you, the body runs slowly like running, kick back while running, pay attention to the action as large as possible, conducive to the movement of the calf, knee and thigh.



4. iliopsoas muscle stretch

Many people have not heard, in fact, very simple, is before and after the leg pressure, heard before and after the leg pressure believe that basically have done, pull is mainly thigh muscles.



5. trapezius stretching

Although some people have not heard of it, it is also very simple, that is, twisting the neck, the neck is easy to hurt, so need good exercise.



6. breast enlargement exercise

Mainly refers to stretching the waist and chest through the arm, it is very simple to do, the time will not be too long, just need to use a little force.

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