Keep tiptoe everyday

20/02/2021 Admin

Tiptoe is a very good help to thin the body and health of a movement.


Health version:

Tip of tiptoe movement points:

Feet and shoulder width, support the wall chair surface fall, must be fast up and down slowly, until the calf has acid swelling feeling can.

Usually walking or playing easy sprain feet, feet boring and lower limb varicose veins can also practice.

This action can not only increase the strength and stability of the ankle joint, but also can promote a lower limb vein backflow, playing basketball can also be practiced, can increase the bounce.


Thin body version:



Dance version :(non-professionals do not imitate)

First, try leaning back on your feet, standing on tiptoe while leaning back.

The second step is to use only your toes to touch the ground. It is best to wear hard-soled shoes, and then place your hand on the wall and tiptoe.


On a tiptoe, raise your toes on the ground

Dance version, do not try without foundation, must act according to one's ability, otherwise....

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