Foot is important

19/02/2021 Admin

The foot consists of 26 bones and two sesamoid bones that make up 57 joints, which make up 1% of the body's size, but support our total weight.

When we walk, the pressure on our feet is 1.2 times our body weight;When jumping, the pressure on the feet is up to five times your body weight.

When any part of the arch is missing, the integrity of the foot's supporting structure is compromised, and its ability to transmit and buffer stress is greatly reduced.

In order to maintain balance, our body activates a series of compensatory mechanisms.However, this compensatory mechanism will lead to more and more dysfunction of the foot, which will lead to the deviation of the alignment of the skeletal system above the foot from the neutral position, which may eventually lead to problems in the hip, knee, ankle, pelvis, spine and other areas.

Since feet are so important, how can we strengthen them and solve foot problems?

1. Sports and running crowd

These people rarely go out of their way to train their ankles and toes.The elastic characteristics of the arch allow it to store and release elastic potential energy, which is essential for the existence and functional integrity of the toes.

One way to strengthen your arches is to exercise your toes, such as hook and lift your feet, kneel and sit.There is another effective way to use arch pads outside of training. Just like NBA players use arch pads during training or games, we can also learn from them!

These two methods work best together!

2. Female population

The love of beauty is universal, especially among women.

They can choose from a wide range of shoes, such as boat shoes (very thin soles), platform shoes and high heels.

But from a functional point of view, these shoes can cause a number of secondary diseases.

For example, when wearing high heels, the soles of people are "three points of support" (respectively: heel, first metatarsal bone, fourth and fifth metatarsal bones), when the heel is higher, the soles of the weight response will increase with the height of the heel more and more forward, so a lot of women wearing high heels are prone to bunion, metatarsal pain or easy to fatigue.

For these women, I can only recommend wearing less high heels, or more training toe function, if it is unavoidable, can be placed in the shoe with a larger area of the insole for relief.

3. Teenage friends

Teenagers are in the age of rapid growth and development, the foot force line is not balanced, it is easy to affect the growth and development of the upper body, and ultimately affect the overall posture and postures.Once the epiphysis closes, it's too late!

For the method, parents should always pay attention to the formation of posture habits of teenagers and children, exercise frequently, do more symmetrical movements, if there is an obvious arch pronation problem at this stage, find a professional agency to evaluate and wear corrective insole!

4. Old friends

As the saying goes, old legs get old first. Many elderly people have no problems with their knees when they are young, but they are prone to arthritis in their knees when they are older. This is because although the feet may be unbalanced when they are young, they can compensate for the balance through strong muscles.However, knee problems caused by an unbalanced foot can become more apparent as the leg muscles atrophy with age.

Solution: Practice distal control, such as hand and foot control, to increase muscle mass, slow muscle loss, and improve cardiopulmonary capacity.Of course the arch pad can also help restore the lower limb line!

5. Foot diseases

Data show that only 1‰ of congenital foot diseases, but the incidence of ankle surgery diseases is very high (≥75%), such as flat foot/high arch foot, plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, metatarsalgia, calcaneal pain, Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprain and so on.

The situation is serious, see a doctor, not serious to open an operation, can look for professional place to relax training!

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