Magnificent Huashan---the west of the five mountains

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Huashan is famous for its dangers! The majestic Huashan West Peak is famous all over the world! "Changkong plank road" and "Yaozi turning over" are frightening!

Huashan, known as "Xiyue" in ancient times and "Taihua mountain" in elegant terms, is one of the five mountains. It is located in Huayin City, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, 120 kilometers east of Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province. Qinling Mountains in the South and Huangwei mountains in the north have been regarded as "the most dangerous mountain in the world" since ancient times.


The "Hua" of China originates from Huashan, which is called "the root of China". Huashan is the holy land of Quanzhen sect, the main stream of Taoism. It is also the "fourth cave" and the God widely worshiped by Chinese people, that is, the king God of Huashan Mountain. There are 72 semi suspended caves and more than 20 Taoist temples, among which yuquanyuan, Dulong temple, dongdaoyuan and Zhenyue Palace are listed as the national key Taoist temples


Xiyue temple is a magnificent building. Wufeng tower is built on a high platform, more than 20 meters high. When you climb the tower to see Huashan Mountain, you can see the five peaks clearly. The main hall of HaoLing hall is built on the top of the hill with glazed tiles and single eaves. It is located on the broad "convex" shaped platform, with 7 rooms in width and 5 rooms in depth. It is surrounded by cloisters, which is magnificent. Most emperors of past dynasties lived here to worship Huashan. Inside the hall are plaques inscribed by Kangxi, Daoguang and Cixi, such as "jintianzhaoduan" and "Xianyun"


Canglongling is one of the famous dangerous roads in Huashan Mountain. It is located in Jiuku Tainan and under Wuyun peak. It is named for its dark exterior and its dragon like terrain. It's like a thin blade, and the topography of thousands of feet makes many tourists scared,


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