Top 10 States for Boone & Crockett Black Bear Hunting

09/04/2021 Admin

1. Wisconsin

So Wisconsin is just flat out phenomenal for black bears. It doesn’t matter how you break down the data, Wisconsin is king. It’s a great state if you’re looking for a Booner black bear. The Midwest is still where it’s at, eh?


2. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is known for its rich hunting tradition. It seems only fitting for the state’s black bear hunting to rank so high on the list. Move aside deer and turkey hunters. Black bear hunting reigns supreme.


3. North Carolina

This state isn’t great when it comes to whitetails and wild turkeys. But it is when it comes to big bears. The land of Tarheels and Blue Devils is packed with heavyweights.


4. New Jersey

Most people might think of the city lights and beaches when they think of Jersey. Sadly, hunters aren’t most people these days. They think of dang good black bear hunting.


5. Minnesota

Look at the deer hunting and this northern state has gone downhill in recent years. The black bear hunting? Not so much. It’s still a powerhouse state.


6. Michigan

If you like big lakes, cold weather and black bears, this is the place for you. Michigan holds the record for the sixth most entries per square mile. Have you ever hunted this state?


7. Vermont

This little sliver of a northeastern state packs a big punch in the bear hunting world. While it falls all the way down to No. 19 on the all-time list, it’s No. 7 for the most entries per square mile. Don’t let the data fool you. If I was to go bear hunting, I’d probably pick Vermont (16 total entries) over California (165 total entries) any day of the week.


8. Colorado

Colorado is the first and only western state to make the list. It’s No. 6 on the all-time list, but falls lower on the list (like several other western states) when factoring in land size. But if you’re in the West, Colorado is still a great option.


9. Maine

This is one of those states you might not immediately think of when it comes to black bear hunting. Maybe that’s because it’s No. 16 on the all-time list. Consider the land-size factor and it jumps all the way up to No. 9, though.


10. New York

Another northeastern state. Seeing the trend? Black bear hunting is king in the northern and eastern states. New York is another pretty good state for Booner bears.

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