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Item Type:Spot Removal Pen



Input:5V 1A





Product size: 190 * 28 * 29mm / 0.28kg

Box size: 18 * 10.5 * 6cm / 0.29kg

Packing size: 55.5 * 41.5 * 41.5cm/100 pieces

1.Streamlined body, lightweight and portable, easy for use without hands shaking.
2.Unique electric ion treatment method, leaving the patient no existence of electric current in the process, no pain, no bleeding.
3.Removal can be achieved quickly without bleeding, safe and side effects of medical cosmetic results.
4.9 Level Strength adjustment for different skins can clean your skin problems step by step.
5.LCD Display shows the working level and battery level.
6.The spotlight provide convenience when you operate,which can help you control the device better.
7.Rechargeable Design with overcharge protection make long life

1.Select a suitable needle and level according to the size, position, depth and type of pigmented nevus.
2.1-3 levels for small spots and moles, 4-6 levels for small and medium-sized moles and plaques, 7-8 levels for mung beans-sized large spots plaques and warts.
3.Use coarse needles to remove dark spot and fine needles to remove moles, fat granules, aged spots, flat warts, acne, etc. It is recommended to use the coarse needle at low levels to remove small moles and dark spots.
4.It is recommended to start from easy reached areas such as arms or legs. Do not treat an area larger than 2-3cm at one time. Use the device on face and other sensitive parts after getting familiar with it. Please keep the skin taut during operation to help relieve pain.
5.The scar will take off in a week or so. The new fresh is pink and the melanin will fade away slowly. The recovery time may vary from person to person as the recovery ability of each person is different.
6.Avoid the treated part contacting with water within a week to quicken the heal time.  Allow the scab to fall off naturally and don't rub with your fingers. Keep the wound sanitary.
7.If you have to contact water after using the device, it is recommended to apply a waterproof sticker to prevent inflammation.
8.To avoid inflammation , please keep a light diet for a month after using the device. Do not eat spicy food or pigmented foods such as soy sauce and beef. Avoid sunlight.

Product Include

1 x Removal Pen

2 x Coarse Needle

2 x Needle Sleeve

10 x Fine Needle

1 x USB

1 x Manual

1 x Box


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