Decompression Back Belt, FDA Approved, Back Blet with Electric Pump, Large for Waist 36''~42''

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Features: The principle of Leawell spine support belt: a.Corrective repair: Surround the waist and stabilize the lumbar vertebra b.Support traction: Support damaged lumbar vertebra c.Increase the protection: Stretching lumbar invertebrate disc to prevent recurrence. Suitable for : a.Usual use: Wear when sitting, driving, outdoor working, lifting, also for Posture correction, Spine straighten. b.Medical use: Relief Lower Back Pain with Sciatica, Scoliosis, Herniated and Slipped Discs or Degenerative Disc Disease. Lumbar support Air Traction back belt- A Considerable Gift: Instead of traditional steel plate, air traction back up your spine very lightly, gently. Fabric cotton lining are also very comfortable. Air traction belt blow up by AutoPump inflation: 1~30 Grade Intelligent inflation, Intelligent stressing / unloading uniform speed without impact. Trustworthy: EU; CE ; FDA; Registration certification of medical equipment,class Notes: Before wear the belt, deflate first, inflate the belt after you wear it. Tightening up as much as possible when wear the belt. No tearing when using. After use, deflate fist before take off the belt. Make sure the belt will fit to the curves of your waist. Wear the belt over your underwear. Tips: Traction(decompression) effect will be better before going to bed. After traction, if you go to sleep directly, the traction effect lasts longer, which is conducive to the disc herniation, the bulging retraction, the damaged fiber ring can be repaired as soon as possible. If you got serve pain, you might feel pain when the belt stetch your spine, while with continously use, you will feel good. You can decrease the time you wear it in one day.With the pain reduced, you can gradually increase the time.



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