Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal Security Car Anti Theft Safety Alarm Lock Retractable Anti Theft Protection T-Locks buzzer alarm lock

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Name: buzzer alarm lock

Features: three slot key piece lock cylinder heat treatment steel bar micro motion alarm performance

Material: alloy steel

Configuration: one lock, two keys, hexagon wrench,

Size: 40cm * 11.1cm * 9.4cm weight: 1.3KG

Note: the micro motion alarm device sounds when the car body is vibrated by external force (the alarm device uses 3 * AAA battery to provide power, after 8 seconds of locking, the red LED light flashes, the micro motion alarm starts and enters the early warning state) 

ST-T1107 (1)ST-T1107 (4)ST-T1107 (5)ST-T1107 (18)ST-T1107 (20)ST-T1107 (19)ST-T1107 (22)ST-T1107 (23)ST-T1107 (24)ST-T1107 (14)ST-T1107 (15)ST-T1107 (26)ST-T1107 (27)  ST-T1107 (28)

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Size40cm * 11.1cm * 9.4cm
MaterialAluminum Alloy
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