Brady's Super Bowl show aged 43 puts him among sport's famed venerable performers

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs have prepared for today's meeting in the 55th Super Bowl in Florida, much of the attention has focused on the still-shining superstar who will ...

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The American fitness expert, long-term exercise to build a muscular figure

In the United States, there are many fitness enthusiasts who work out in the gym every day in order to build a toned and muscular body.Today I'm going to introduce you to a fitness guru whose goal is ...

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Hips and legs do not separate!

The US and Europe have long had a "polar opposite" view of what is beautiful. We have historically been obsessed with skinny bodies, while women in the US and Europe have tended to be curvy and curvac...

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In spring, a hundred flowers are blooming. It is a good time to travel!

In spring, a hundred flowers are blooming. Pear blossom in January, spring in February, peach blossom in March! It is a good time to travel!

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The charm of fitness

In fact, fitness does help slow down the aging process. Not only can you have a perfect body, but you can also look absolutely younger than your age.Look at the state of this aunt: concave and convex ...

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Keep doing these 4 moves to help you lose lower belly fat

Clear abdominal muscles, flat abdomen, Sichuan-shaped waistcoat line has become an important goal for us to pursue a good body.But this is a difficult thing to do, since it requires a low body fat rat...

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Sports knowledge - weight loss

01 Sweating more does not mean losing weight When moving, you sweat much do not have direct relation with reducing weight, what reducing weight reduces is adipose, although perspiration is conduce to...

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Sports knowledge - basic conception

01 RM RM is an abbreviation of "repetition maximum" .Take 8 rm for example, which means you can do a weight up to 8 times.Generally speaking, 1 ~ 6RM focuses on strength training, 8 ~ 12RM focuses on...

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Sports knowledge - Abs article

01 A fat man's chest muscles are as meaningless as a thin man's abdominal muscles Body fat is a key factor in how strong your abs are, but if you've never worked them, no matter how thin you are, you...

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Sports knowledge - Training article

01 You don't need to practice every day to keep fit More than many people think that I must be good, can't rest, but in fact, whether it be muscle strength, or muscle surrounded degree, are all need ...

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