laysun Co.,Ltd Attend as scheduled Las Vegas Hardware Show, This is the fifth time attend Hardware Show.And this time for show brand is LaySun and LayRay .Laysun Co.,Ltd for this show have prepare man...

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IOS and Anorid APP have arrive

Download the app and get the world of ECBOO at App store and Google play.

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What Makes a Surgical Mask Different?

A surgical mask (also called a medical mask), is designed to be worn by healthcare professionals during surgery and nursing, to help prevent contamination of the surgical field or the patient by captu...

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Ningbo SinPero Enterprise Company

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting multi tool flashlight, high power Cree LED flashlight, aluminum LED flashlight, shading light, headlamp, plastic flashlight and so on.

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The growth in domestic demand is driving Chinese consumes. Now China is ready overtake US as the largest apparel market by 2023

Forecasts suggest that COVID-19 will wipe off $297 billion from the global apparel market in 2020, a 15.2% decline on 2019, but despite challenges, China will continue to provide exciting opportunitie...

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Must go to tourist attractions---Qinshihuang Mausoleum

When you come to Xi'an, the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty and the terracotta warriors and horses are the necessary scenic spots!

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Fire dragon in Hong Kong

Fire dragon dance in Tai Hang is a traditional custom in Hong Kong.

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Looking at Shanxi with history

Located on the Loess Plateau, Shanxi is one of the main birthplaces of the Chinese nation. It is the place where Chinese people all over the world seek their roots and ancestors. It is also the "theme...

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Magnificent Huashan---the west of the five mountains

Huashan is famous for its dangers! The majestic Huashan West Peak is famous all over the world! "Changkong plank road" and "Yaozi turning over" are frightening!

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