60x30cm Heating Pad Blanket Heat Pads For Back Neck Pain Relief Aesthetic Thermal Blanket Calming Heat Electric Heating Pad

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Extra Large Size - This pad measures 12x24in to offer excellent coverage for large area, including feet, back, waist, abdomen and legs. 7ft long cord allows you to use it from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair.
Dry And Moist Heat Therapy Option - Besides dry heat therapy, there is also moist option for deeper heat penetration to more effective relieve muscle. Just spray fine mist on one side of the heating pad and ready to use(make sure the connector, controller and power cord is dry).
6 Temp Level Adjustable - The LED controller enables you to adjust the temperature easily from 40°C/104°F to 60°C/140°F. 6 temperature setting adjustable to accommodate your comfort level.
4 Timer Setting - Our electric heating pad with 4 level timer settings ranging from 30mins to 120mins can conserve energy effectively prevent bums caused by excessive heating.
Easy Cleaning - This heating pad is both hand washable and machine washable. For machine wash, remove the power cord, then put the pad in a laundry bag to wash. NOTE: Do not reconnect and use the heating pad until is COMPLETELY dry.

On/off push switch
IC controller box with LED indication
6 temperature level adjustable from 40°C/104°F to 60°C/140°F
4 timer setting: 30/60/90/120min
Single circuit provides consistent temperature
Fuse inside of controller
Hand and Machine washable

Warm-temperature range (~40°F/104°F)
Low-temperature range (~45°F/112°F)
Medium Low-temperature range (~48°F/119°F)
Medium-temperature range (~52°F/126°F)
Medium High-temperature range (~56°F/133°F)
High-temperature range (~60°F/140°F)

Item Type: Heating Pad
Heating Temp Range: 40°C/104°F - 60°C/140°F
Timing Setting: 30/60/90/120min
Material: Plush
Color: Grey
Product Size: About 60x30cm / 24x12in
Power Cord Length: About 7ft
Plug Type: UK Plug, US Plug (Optional)

1. This is an electrical product. Please read all directions before use. Failure to do so may result in electric shock or causing serious bodily injury.
2. This product is intended for human use only.
3. For indoor use only.
4. Do not use if any visible damage is apparent(cracks, tears or exposed wires and heat element).
5. Must instantly tum off the Heating pad and unplug when overheat or charred flavor in use.
6. Serious heart patients, those that depend on a pace maker and pregnant women should check with the doctor before use.
7. Do not use for unconscious and sensitive to heat people.
8. Do not make any modifications to switch button, wires and heat element.
9. Do not use in sleeping.
10. Do not puncture or use any sharp object to secure the heating pad.
11. Do not use another electronic heating device in conjunction with your heating pad.
12. Unplug the heating pad when not in use.
13. Do not use in wet condition.
14. Do not dry clean, bleach, iron or tumble dry. Do not use cleaning fluids.
15. Do not use mothballs or sprays of any kind.
16. Do not reconnect the heating pad or use it until is COMPLETELY dry.
17. Do not use analgesic cream in combination with your heating pad.

Package Includes:
1 x Heating Pad
1 x Controller with Power Cord
1 x User Manual

Packing list

Package Includes:
1 x Heating Pad
1 x Controller with Power Cord
1 x User Manual

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