3pcs/set Magnetic LED Strobe Warning Light Emergency Road Rescue Safety Flashing Lights Car Roadside Beacon Lamp Flare

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1.The product shell is made of high-strength transparent engineering plastic. It is made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer, which is resistant to rolling, waterproof, dustproof, oil and corrosion. The light has a strong penetrating power in the fog. In addition to the red warning light, the product also has yellow and blue warning lights. 
2.The product is equipped with a strong suction magnet to absorb the roof and tail warnings, and can also be placed on the ground. With high beam flashing effect, the target is obvious, replacing the traditional warning sign. 
3.The product can be used for field lighting in addition to flash warning, Bike, car ,trucks, workers clothes, Rescue. At night high brightness ,500M Visible distance at night ,reliable and durable. 
4.This emergency flare is shockproof and water-resistant, good for winter or motorway or country roads, ideal for car breaks down or stranded on a dark, as a warning to other motorists. 
5.LED flash is controlled by computer IC chip. There are nine kinds of optional lighting modes, namely flash, double flash, single flash, rotary flash, alternate flash, SOS help, light (bright), light ( Dark), flashlight lighting. Easy to use, full-featured, and effective. 
Flash mode :
ROTATE rotating flash 
QUAD-FLASH (flash)
SINGLE-BLINK single flash 
ALTERNATE alternate flash
SOLID-ON HIGH glare (high)
SOLID-ON LOW low light (low)
2 LED FLASHLIGHT (flashlight)
4 LEDILLUMINATE (4 LED lighting)
Application range:
1.Fault car traffic warning
2.Police pavement planning logo
3.Water buoy and maritime salvage logo
4.Used for identification for emergency vehicle discovery, such as ambulances, helicopter landing zone identification
5.Heavy vehicle transportation warning
6.Rescue action identification
7.Emergency or temporary runway identification
8.Campground or hiking route identification
9.Field lighting
Press the button on the front of the warning light to select  the modes. In the working state, the hand press and hold the switch for 2 seconds to automatically shut down, and there are two LED flashing prompts, and With the shutdown memory function, in the flash mode to shut down, the next time you turn on the flash mode.
1.Power: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
2.Running time: up to 50 hours
3.Coverage: 360 degrees
4.Storage temperature: Fahrenheit - 42/-42 to 212/248
5.Service Life: 10 years
6.Material: TPE thermoplastic elastomer
7.Power: 2 (W)
8.Working voltage: 4.5 (V)
9.Working current: 0.02 (A)
Packing Includes:
4 x LED Road Flares
1 x Storage Bag
ST-T1461 (22)ST-T1461 (26)ST-T1461 (17)ST-T1461 (18)ST-T1461 (19)ST-T1461 (1)ST-T1461 (13)ST-T1461 (24)ST-T1461 (23)

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