120W Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Cyclone Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Wet/Dry Auto for Car Home

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1. Dry and wet dual purpose, 120W high power, upgraded fan blades, stable suction without attenuation and no heat, effectively and quickly absorb stubborn dust;

2. The HEPA filter can be washed with water, and it can prevent dust from adsorbing the filter while maintaining high suction power. It is used repeatedly without replacement;

3. Separate dust dumping, one button can empty dust and debris, cleaning effortlessly;

4. Break the shape of the traditional vacuum cleaner, mini and compact, which can be put anywhere;

5. A variety of brush heads can clean every corner of seats, gaps, foot pads and trunk;

6. Built-in battery, charging design, no longer worry about wire winding problems.



Material: ABS

Product voltage: 7.4V

Power: 120W

Suction power: 6000PA

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Product size: about 36.8*6.5*3.5cm/14.49*2.56*1.38"


1 X Vacuum Cleaner

1 X Brush

1 X Long Flat Brush

1 X Auxiliary Connector

1 X Charging Cable



1. Lightweight and easy to carry, lifting and cleaning effortlessly.

2. 3~4kPa suction.

3. Two suction levels, suitable for many occasions.

4. The dust bin and filter can be disassembled and cleaned at will for easy washing. The cyclone technology can prevent dust from remaining on the filter.

5. With 2 batteries, long battery life for your careful cleaning.


Packing size: 400*80*83mm/15.7*3.15*3.27"

Product size: 378*63mm/14.9*2.48"

Rated power: 40W/50W

Battery capacity: 2000mAh per battery

Battery: 2 built-in batteries

Motor: Brushed motor

Suction level: 2

Vacuum degree: 3~4kPa

Battery life: 20~30 minutes

Dust cup capacity: 0.2L


1 X Vacuum Cleaner

1 X Flat Nozzle

1 X Brush Nozzle

1 X Micro USB Cable



- 120W power, strong suction, clean in seconds, can absorb all kinds of debris, coins, cigarette ashes, water stains, etc. in the car;

- Double noise reduction, quiet vacuuming, large suction can work quietly;

- Automatically adjust the motor, it will not heat using for a long time, good stability;

- Multiple filtration, long-lasting suction, preventing particulate matter from entering the machine room and hindering engine operation;

- The filter screen can be washed, wet and dry dual use, and the filter screen can be removed and cleaned;

- Equipped with a variety of brush heads to clean every corner of the seat, gaps, floor mats and trunk;

- Lightweight design, just plug the power cord into the car's cigarette lighter socket.


Material: ABS

Color: All Black / Black+White / Black+Brange

Voltage: 12V

Power: 120W

Power cord: 5 meters long

Power plug: cigarette lighter plug

Vacuum suction: 3600 mbar

Rated speed: 3600 r/min

Product size: 360*96*95mm/14.2*3.78*3.74"


1 X Car Vacuum Cleaner

1 X EVA Hose

1 X Brush Nozzle

1 X Flat Mouth Nozzle

2 X Straw Connectors


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