12-30 x 50mm Wide-Angle Astronomical Telescope Beginner Monocular Lunar Observation Tele Space Moon Watching High Definition Monocular

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Telescope specificationsProject Type:

Desktop Astronomical Telescope

Total magnification: 15X-30x

Objective lens diameter: 50mm

Objective focal length: 240mm

Objective lens diameter: 50mm

Focusing system: independent focusing

Eyepiece focal length: 20mm-80mm

1. Perfect telescope, suitable for children with tripod, easy to move and use
2. The astronomy beginner telescope with a tripod makes the observation more stable and provides a good environment for learning nature and the universe.
3. Use H20mm eyepieces and lunar lenses to view all the details of the moon crater, and use H6mm eyepieces to view ground objects on land.
H20mm, H6mm 2 eyepiece, 3x extender, 1.5x upright and lunar lens, 300mm focal length, 70mm objective lens diameter, 1.5x upright lens, coated lens.
Powerful telescope for sky and land exploration, perfect gift for children and beginners in astronomy
5. Suitable for kids over 8 years old
How to assemble the telescope?
(1) Extend the aluminum tripod feet to the maximum, until the center tube bracket is placed horizontally.
(2) There is a mounting bayonet at the bottom of the telescopic lens barrel. Insert this bayonet into the slot on the top of the tripod.
(3) Turn the knurled knob on the tripod head to tighten the tube around the tripod.
(4) Screw the aiming control arm into the threaded hole on the back of the base
(5) Place the diagonal mirror on the end of the telescope tube
(6) Place the 20mm eyepiece (20mm marked on the eyepiece) in the diagonal lens
(7) Remove the cover from the big head of the telescope

Package Included

1 telescope





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