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New Mobile phone LED FLASH light Mini Selfie Sync Flashlight For iPhone SAMSUNG Multiple Photography Speech Recognition

New Mobile phone LED FLASH light Mini Selfie Sync Flashlight For iPhone SAMSUNG Multiple Photography Speech Recognition

New Mobile phone LED FLASH light Mini Selfie Sync Flashlight for iPhone SAMSUNG Multiple Photography Speech Recognition 


1.No need install app, just plug it and use it.
2.Voice camera, synchronized fill light, so that you arbitrarily!
3.Being able to take pictures in low light conditions, the effect is outstanding.
4.The self-timer is the best accessories.
5.Provides three powerful illumination patterns with different demand scenarios.
6.Built-in rechargeable battery, and do not consume smartphone power.
7.can be used as a stand-alone illumination assist lamp (without connecting to a smartphone or other device)
8.Color:Black, White,Pink

Speech recognition effective distance: 3M
Application: for various models,for Apple,for Samsung,for Huawei,for millet, etc.

Support equipment: IOS system over 7.0, Android system over 4.3, supports volume key camera phone


Q & A:
1. How to do if the mobile version lower than android 4.3 version?
The following version 4.3 does not support voice recognition synchronous fill light pictures, but can be turned on manually fill light
2. How to open the fill light camera?
Headphone jack into the phone, enter the camera mode, turns on the switch to see a green light, facinG to fill light to say YES or OK after the speech recognition camera with flash.
3. Phone Self-fill light lamp cell phone battery consumption it?
This kind of product has built-in polymer lithium battery capacity is 200ma,so ,it will not consume your phone battery.
4. How many photos can shoot it?
It can reach more than 500 pictures
6. Why some girls` voice can not recongite when take pictures?
Individual differences in sound girl, therefore, not recognized.



1X Selfie Min LED Camera Flash Light

1X Chargering cable




Material Plastic

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